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Manzanar National Historic Site Collection
Title: Hikoji Takeuchi
Narrator: Hikoji Takeuchi
Interviewer: John Allen
Date: November 7, 2002
Densho ID: denshovh-thikoji-01-0006

<Begin Segment 6>

JA: How did you dispose of the business?

HT: Beg your pardon?

JA: What did you do about the restaurant?

HT: It was not a matter of doing; we just had to close up. We couldn't sell anything. We just padlocked it and got out.

JA: Was it still there when you came back after camp?

HT: Years later we went -- the store was there, but whether the things were in there or not, that I don't know because I never even answered.

JA: How about your home?

HT: Home? We never did have a home. We were in an apartment-like, it was in the same building, and it was called the Allen Hotel. That was where it happened, when the war came. 232-1/2 East Second Street. I still remember it.

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