Title: Santa Anita Pacemaker, Vol. 1, No. 49, October 5, 1942 (ddr-janm-5-49)
Densho ID: ddr-janm-5-49


Santa Anita Pacemaker
Vol. 1, No. 49
October 5, 1942




Rohwer Move Completed Tomorrow A.M.


Departures Set Back An Hour: Trains To Go At 10 A.M. Not 9


Next Paycheck Will Be Late


Issue Coupons Distributed


Shoes Must Be Picked Up Now


District VII To Be Moved to Stables


Weekend Dance


Nisei Seamen May Get Chance To Serve



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Feminine Forum by Asami Kawachi


Relocation Vignettes: From Both Sides of the Fence


Send Extra Luggage as Baggage



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Hard-Working: Santa Anita Supply and Warehouse Division



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Editorial Staff


Win, Place and Show with Eddie Shimano


Santa Anita Fiance Division


Three Sections In Department


Personal Accounts, Time, Personnel


Mimeographic, Baseball