Title: Santa Anita Pacemaker, Vol. 1, No. 51, c. 1942 (ddr-janm-5-1)
Densho ID: ddr-janm-5-1


Santa Anita Pacemaker Final/Farewell Issue
Vol. 1, No. 51
c. 1942




[Page 3]


A Statement for the Center Manager



[Page 5]


A Message from Carey McWilliams



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[Page 8]


Housing: Direct Contact Makes Section Close to People



[Page 9]


Win, Place and Show with Eddie Shimano



[Page 10]


Mess: Greatest Feeding Problem of Evacuation Movement



[Page 11]


Feminine Forum by Asami Kawachi



[Page 14]


Relocation: Racetrack to Metropolis To Ghost Town in Six Months



[Page 16]


Health: Santa Anita Experiments On Socialized Medicine



[Page 18]


Recreation: Vast and Tremendous in Scope



[Page 19]


Santa Anita Post Time by Hiroshi Ito



[Page 20]


‘Records of a Curious Interval’



[Page 22]


Press Relations: Feader Reports the Heartbeats of Santa Anita, a City of 19,000



[Page 24]


Best Wishes