Title: Letter to Mollie Wilson from Violet Saito, 6/6/1943 (ddr-janm-1-74)

Densho ID: ddr-janm-1-74


June 6, 1943



Dear Mollie,


Gee, thanks for everything you’ve done for me. I really appreciate it very much. You must be pretty busy now days with the end of school coming.


We’re getting out of school on June 24th rather that’s when graduation is going to be held. The last day is the 25th. Yes we’re going to graduate. There are 170 graduates with two more girls than boys. It’s pretty even.


Well what’s cookin’ down…


[page 2]


…that way?


I am enclosing some stamps. I owe you 4˝ cents so I’m sending them to you now.


Well I guess I better close now cause it’s almost time to go eat. I’m pretty hungry. I didn’t eat breakfast or lunch. It wasn’t worth eating. Well I better say Good-bye–




Sincerely your friend,


Violet Saito


P.S. No 1˝ ˘ stamp

sending 5˘