Title: Letter to Mollie Wilson from Violet Saito, 2/26/1943 (ddr-janm-1-73)

Densho ID: ddr-janm-1-73


March 26, 1943


Dear Mollie,


Thank you ever so much for sending the Rough Rider to me you don’t know how much I appreciate it. Reading it made me sort of home sick. Remember that picture of the cafeteria? I saw some faces that I know. It sure felt good to see them. Hope you received the stamp I sent you in my last letter.


Do you hear from Sandie? I don’t see her very often. Just in school…


[page 2]


…Congratulations! I read in the Rough Rider that you’re going to be a C.F.S. Are you a Senior A or B? I thought that only Senior A’s were honored. Are you keeping something from me? Don’t keep me in the dark, now. You don’t know how surprised I was.


How are the senior sweaters? I sure wish I had one. Man is our graduation going to be sad. I guess I told you this before so no use boring you again. R.A.F Blue seems to be a very…


[page 3]


…popular color.


Mollie, may I please ask you to do another favor for me? I am sending you 25¢ for that senior pictorial edition and also 6¢ for the next four editions of the Rough Rider. Thank you very much, and also 10¢ postage for the Sr. Ed.


Well, well, the gong is ringing for us to go eat and boy am I hungry. You know me. ?????????


Best of luck to you.


Sincerely yours,


Violet Saito