Title: Letter to Molly Wilson from Violet Saito, 6/24/1942 (ddr-janm-1-70)

Densho ID: ddr-janm-1-70


June 24, 1942


Hello Molly


Surprised? Of course you are. I bet I was the last person you expected to hear from. Junko gave me your address. Hows everything coming along with you? huh?


I wont bore you with my boring life, because I know get a lot of news from here.


Too bad they continued school one more week. Just think youd be out playing around now. Did you get your annual yet? Im just waiting and Im getting tired of waiting. Gee Molly why dont you try to come and see us (Junko & me) we would really like to see you again.


Well I guess I better close and let you get to work.


Until I hear from you I bid you aloha




Violet Saito