Title: Letter to Molly Wilson from Lillian (Nobie) Igasaki, 3/31/1944 (ddr-janm-1-51)

Densho ID: ddr-janm-1-51


March 31, 1944


Dear Molly :


Thanks ever so much for your swell letter of last. Well, what’s cooking, good looking? How are thou? My sis and I are just fine!


How’s ole U.C.L.A.? Having your fun? Gee, I must say you’re good in Japanese. Much better than I am. I’m going to school for just three periods a day and have a swell job at the ration board. Man! More fun! I’m only taking drama, social problems, and English. Gosh. I can get by with murder. Nope, Chiyeko Akahoshi’s in the same grade as I am, and is graduating in June. I feel sorry for Sandie and Sadae. As for me, I didn’t go up or down!


Yep, I’m planning to go to Chicago. My sis is out there so I guess I’ll see Sandie out there. Heard she’s cute –Kumiko and Edith are probably glamour gals. Poor me, the ugly duckling!!


[back page 1]


…You certainly do have a full week, don’t you –going out so often. Mine is infested with work (?) school, and more work. I guess I’m just no social butterfly. Tomorrow night I’m going to a dance. April Fool’s Dance. I’d laff if they didn’t have it. Oh phooey! Next Wednesday I’m invited to a farewell dinner dance for a fella. Oh, we get to see a movie every week. It’s not the most recent pictures by all means! We saw “Abe Lincoln in Illinois” the other day. Next week is Bachelor Mother. Old eh?


Please say “hi” to Beulah and if you see Irma, please tell her to drop me a line.  Ruth Ringler. Tell her if she wants a picture she’d better write!!


What’s new for Easter in L.A.? Anything good? Bet you’re getting ready for it huh? Do you kids get a vacation? We get three days. That’s good enough.


How’s the love life? Having the marines, sailors and soldiers all to yourself?  Imagine, I’d be going steady with one fella a year come Sunday. Long time huh?


[front page 2]


…Do you hear from Sandie? I “lose fight” Gosh, she takes simply ages to write.  Must be a busy gal. What’s doin’, I don’t know –That goes for Sadae too. Well, some day I’ll either see them or hear from them. Maybe I’ll see Sandie in Chicago if she goes & I do. I can hardly wait to get back to city life.


There’s not much going on here in this dry place. We do have dust storm every so often. Bet we’ll have one tomorrow. Woe is me. How’s L.A.? Cold or is it springtime?


Well, I better call it “30” since it’s getting into the wee hours of the nite. Be good and write to me soon again. By the way, how about a picture of you huh? Till later, “adios”.


As ever,




P.S. Pardon my mess!