Title: Letter to Molly Wilson from Mary Murakami, 7/27/1942 (ddr-janm-1-31)

Densho ID: ddr-janm-1-31


July 27, 1942


Dear Molly,


Gee, but it seems so long since I heard from you last and that was when school was still going on. What are you taking at summer school? You certainly are ambitious! And to think you are also working. Boy, some work youíre doing. Youíll be sick before you know it. By the way, Iím also working too. On the school project, I suppose you have already heard about our wages. Well, I work a half a day so Iíll either get 6 or 8 dollars a month. What a difference with your $10 a week. After all weíre being fed, clothed and boarded for nothing so you canít expect much.


Fourth of July came and went with nothing evoking and ever since everything chili excepting the weather which is hot as ever. For a while after the rain storm we had it was a little cooler. Boy, it sure was excitingÖ




Öto have a rain storm. And it sure did a lot of damage. Blowing roof tops off. I almost forgot how rain looked. We often see lightning but it rarely turns to thunder. How has weather conditions been in L.A.? Is that a military secret?


As I said before everything is chili, well I donít know of anything else to write about so Iíll close with my regards to all from all. Donít work too hard and hope you have a swell vacation.