Title: Letter to Mollie Wilson from Miyeko Imamura, 8/31/1943 (ddr-janm-1-17)

Densho ID: ddr-janm-1-17


August 31.


Dear Mollie:


Iím really sorry I did not write sooner. You see Iíve been working outside of camp, in Powell, Wy. Thatís around 11 miles from Heart Mt.


I worked as a domestic helper. There were three in the family. Their name were Mr. Nelson, Mrs. Nelson and son, Dickie, heíll be 3 yrs. old in Christmas. I cleaned house in the morning, washed dishes every meal.


Thereís quite a few Japanese boys but there, so we all get together and have a jam session, or go to shows and other things. Iíve workedÖ




Öout there for 5 months, but now Iím back in camp.


My sister (Chiyeko)ís but side in Kansas City, Missouri working too. Sheís only been out 2 months now but sheís planning to stay out for ever. Sheís very happy there.


Gosh, Mollie I quit school. And here you are graduated already. Did you have sweaters and rings, pins? I havenít got any graduation pictures on programs, but Iíll send you pictures later on. Well, any news out there? I am working at the Property Central Office now. Well I guess Iíll close as I am very busy. Iíll hear from you.