Title: Letter to Molly Wilson from Sandie Saito, 10/17/1942 (ddr-janm-1-12)

Densho ID: ddr-janm-1-12


Oct. 17, 1942


Dear Molly,


I was glad to hear from you and to know about the school, Boy! Foods is the last thing I thought you’d take. You surprise me!


Speaking of school, school opened here last Monday, October 12th. It sure is a sad case! The teachers aren’t qualified for high school, none of the subjects that you want, no blackboards, no books, no school building, no nothing! Now don’t you agree with me? However, they promised us a school building by the first of the year. Our gym teacher said he hopes it’s this year. I hope so too. The boys have to clear off the girls and their own field. They are planning to have a girl’s hockey field and archery. I had to stay back a half year because the school system is different here. I’m going to start Chemistry and Geometry all over for this term! I know the d_ _ _ thing backwards already! Gee whiz! This whole war and camp life is certainly disgusting! Anyway, this is my present program.


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Per. I – World Development – Goodson – 8:45-9:37

Per. II – World Literature – Lewis – 9:40-10:30

Per. III – Chemistry – Arimoto – 10:33-11:25

Per. IV – Music & Art Appreciation – Okamoto & Klein 1:05-1:55

Per. V – Geometry – Arimoto – 2:00-2:50

Per. VI – Phys. Ed. – Isuchiya – 2:55-3:45


The other day it started raining, and it has been raining since. The first cloud burst flooded our barrack. Certainly was disgusting! Had to stay up all night sweeping out the water that was gushing in from all sides. Hope that will be the last!


We have already killed one mouse and two centipedes in our house. They place is infested with snakes, centipedes, rats, and scorpions. The carpenters say that this place was formally called “Rattlesnake hill”.


Our block held elections yesterday and my father was elected block manager. Going into a new line! Will be a good experience. Give my regards to family. Extend my best wishes to Kenny.