Title: Letter to Molly Wilson from Chiyeko Akahoshi, 7/14/1944 (ddr-janm-1-113)

Densho ID: ddr-janm-1-113


July 14, 1944


Dearest Molly—


Received your Post Card some time ago & waited until now to drop you a line or two.


Hope this finds you home after such an enjoyable vacation. Boy! When I received your Post Card from Sauges, I certainly was surprised and envious of you at the same time. Man—had all kind of fun, right? Just the mentioning of swimming has gotten me all hipped up! How I’d love a dip in any ‘ole place! The trouble around here is—even if you put on a pair of shorts—people bore holes through you! Now—you can see why a bathing suit sported around here would be like. Only once did I wear a bathing suit here in camp & that was last July, when the girl’s club I belonged to had a picnic & our rules were that either we each wear our bathing suits or shorts. Don’t worry—no one got…


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…killed in camp that day we picked a real desolate spot, but we weren’t let alone for long! Every time a truck went by near us, we ducked & put on our shirts n slacks! Man—how we learned to move but fast! We just could wade in a little stream runnin’ by so we really didn’t make use of our swim suits! Loose fight, what say?


Gee! I’m anxious to hear all about young marvelous time. How long did you stay there? Bet it was a cool slaci, huhn? Don’t make it too temptingly!


How’s the ‘ole neighborhood? Mickey & Nat still around? Did they change any? Or are they still the same?


Butch Igasaki left camp last June 26 –& is now in Chicago. Man—the lucky stuff—wish I were out too! Sadae says she’s plannin’ to leave & I wouldn’t doubt it if she’s…


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…out there already! Her dad’s out there in Chicago, so she’ll go join him.


Mom says I could go out too, so I plan to leave next year for Cleveland. Boy! How I want to go out but bad! I think Mich & I will probably end up going out together!


How’s Kenny & Atoy—And of course your swell parents? Gee, hope everything is just rollin’ along just smoothly.


Are you going to college—or are you working now? Me—I go to night shorthand classes &  in the day time—work at a branch library. Imagine—me—behind a desk! Now aint that a ___? My title should be nursemaid instead of librarian ‘cuz that’s really what I am! All the little-uns come in & just holler for me to read to them! Man—do I feel ancient!!

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…What’s the latest gossip along that Boyle Heights District? Anyone new get hitched or anythin’? I swear everyone’s goin’ finds these war-time marriages, huhn? Well, as I say, more power to ‘em.


Nothin’ more to jot-down your alley so I’ll be sayin’—So long & be good! My best regards to all!






P.S. Answer Soon.


I’ll be waitin’!