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Japanese American Museum of San Jose Collection
Title: Richard Konda Interview
Narrator: Richard Konda
Interviewers: Tom Ikeda, Tom Izu
Location: San Jose, California
Date: November 30, 2010
Densho ID: denshovh-krichard_2-01-0011

<Begin Segment 11>

TI: So let's... so tell me, why law school? Why did you want to go to law?

RK: So part of it was after kind of working with some of my, the coworkers at -- well, so I worked a at a place called Aizawa Associates, and the owner of the company is a relative of mine, Hatsuro Aizawa. So when I was working at Aizawa Associates, kind of in the warehouse part of the operation, again working with some of my coworkers and just kind of dealing with some of the issues they dealt with, it just seemed like there was a need or a... there were needs that needed to be kind of addressed. So that's kind of part of the reason I entered law school. And when I got to law school at Santa Clara, at the time there was a pretty active Asian law students group who had been working with the local Japanese American Citizens League to kind of set up this Information and Referral Project. And as part of the project, the law students would sit at the phones, and then would kind of feel the cause and figure out what kind of referral would be most appropriate. So we were kind of like the in-between, between the person who had the need and the different resources. And so as a, the first year, 1976, during that summer, a group of us kind of volunteered to staff that Information and Referral Project.

Tom Izu: Before you get more into that, I was going to ask you, your parents were more working-class, right? And how, was that different than your peers like at college and law school, Asian Americans, and do you think that affected how you looked at things like in the warehouse? Some of your peers probably were more upper-class?

RK: I'm not sure that it occurred to me at the time that my folks or parents were that much different than others.

Tom Izu: Did you get the sense that some of your peers had different kinds of pressures on them in terms of going to law school or some profession and whether it was expected of them, or even what they expected out of their life, because they were going to become lawyers?

RK: Yeah, I don't know that that was something that kind of entered into my consciousness at the time.

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