Densho Digital Archive
Japanese American Museum of San Jose Collection
Title: Eiichi Sakauye Interview
Narrator: Eiichi Sakauye
Interviewer: Jiro Saito
Location: San Jose, California
Date: February 8, 2005
Densho ID: denshovh-seiichi-01-0029

<Begin Segment 29>

JS: Now, when you, when you started, when you came back from the war, how was it, how was your -- excuse me, how was your role in the operation of the farm after the war different from, say, before the war?

ES: Well, see, we belonged to a large organization, and we have no problems whatsoever. They did not cancel our membership during the war, so I cannot say that we had difficulty in operating the farm, although we lost many leases and we could not grow truck crops, 'cause we had no land.

JS: In terms of day-to-day operation...

ES: They did operation.

JS: Did you, did your role change after the war, then, from before the war?

ES: In what way?

JS: Well, your father is now very, he's an elderly man, so he's not running the farm, and you, before the war you were helping him.

ES: Yeah.

JS: Is that correct? So now, after the war and after you returned...

ES: It's vice-versa.

JS: Yeah. So now you are the head of the farm?

ES: Yeah, operator.

JS: You're the head man, then, huh?

ES: I was the operator 'til he passed on, and then we inherited the property from him, 'cause he had absolutely a right to hold his property.

JS: Now, were your siblings in any way involved in the operation of the farm after the war?

ES: No.

JS: No?

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