Densho Digital Archive
Japanese American Museum of San Jose Collection
Title: James Sakamoto Interview
Narrator: James Sakamoto
Interviewer: Ann Muto
Location: San Jose, California
Date: October 18, 2004
Densho ID: denshovh-sjames-01-0020

<Begin Segment 20>

AM: What are your strongest memories of resettlement after the war and getting started?

JS: Well, I think what really was, thing was, we could do anything after, and back east, at least we could work in the factories, which was a lot easier than what we were doing. So those were the things that we learned, that you could, you had chance to do anything you wanted after you got out of camp.

AM: And... so when you talk about things opening up for the Nisei, or second-generation, mostly in terms of work?

JS: Yeah, and... yeah. It opened up a lot of, lot of lives to do anything you wanted to do after you, after you got out of camp.

AM: And what would you say were the most difficult hurdles that you had to overcome?

JS: Trying to make a living. That's, after camp, yeah, that was, that was the hardest part.

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