Title: Heart Mountain Sentinel, General Information Bulletin Series 28, 10/20/1942, (denshopd-i97-00098)
Densho ID: denshopd-i97-00098

Heart Mountain Sentinel
General Information Bulletin Series 28
October 20, 1942

Pay Envelopes to be Distributed Wednesday, Thursday

First Printed Newspaper to Appear Saturday

Second Heart Mountain Case Dismissed

[Page 2]

Fire Information

General Information

[Page 3]

15 Carloads of Staple Food on Way Here

Fully-Equipped Bakery Planned for Near Future

Contract for 22,000 Tons of Coal Signed

Need for Large Street Maintenance Crew Stressed

Seek 25 Experienced Men for Sawmill

Colonists Work on Main Project Canal

[Page 4]

Civilians, Soldiers Visit Heart Mountain

Second Heart Mountain Case Dismissed (Cont.)

General Announcements, Vital Statistics

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Office of Design Coordination Established

Warn Against Piling Coal Close to Building

Colonist Teachers' Association Planned

Supervisor of Apprentice Teachers Announced

Director Handles Property, Transfer Inquiries

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Press Nine Drops Close Softball Tilt -- 15-3

Recreation Activities, Meetings, Announcements