Title: Letter to Gordon Hirabayashi, 10/28/1982, (denshopd-p72-00098)
Densho ID: denshopd-p72-00098

Seattle, Washington, 98102
October 28, 1982
Gordon Hirabayashi
University of Alberta
Alberta, Canada

Dear Mr. Hirabayashi:

Have you ever attempted to estimate the enormous hatred for the Japanese after the heinous attack on Pearl Harbor. Do you realize they knocked out the entire Pacific Fleet leaving our West Coast open to attack. Maybe our government did irrational things so did your people when they attacked the Islands, that certainly was uncalled for. You might read up on the conduct of Japan's Ambassador & Envoys. It was despicable to say the least. With our western flank wide open while we were engaged with Hitler, just what should you expect but drastic measures, time was of the esence. This was war & during such a confrontation one can expect solutions to problems Yours isn't the first experience. During the first world war I was a small boy & I remember how all German books were gathered up throughout the city & burned. People of German descent fled to Canada and other parts of the world. Have you forgotten how the U.S. Government help Japan to reestablish itself as a world power, and what the American people gave wasn't peanuts either. In addition our military force has been on the ready to defend Japan since the war. This cost has been born by Uncle Sam. Cant you find anything to be grateful for or is your ambition cloistered in a desire to get even no matter what the consequences. Did you ever consider that many American men, very young men had to give their lives in order that you could have the opportunity to be a professor in a university. If you cant bury your hatchet then perhaps our government was too lenient, perhaps there should have been five or ten nuclear bombs dropped on your people, & then forgotten.


A Japanese Friend & I hope it will always be thus.