Title: Mass removal instructions document from page of scrapbook, April 24, 1942, (denshopd-p72-00040)
Densho ID: denshopd-p72-00040


April 24, 1942

INOCULATION: Those individuals who wish typhoid and smallpox inoculations before the enter the assembly center may have this done by their family physicians. JACL has made arrangements with one of the local doctors to give these inoculations for fifty cents ($.50). Those who wish further information call this office. These two inoculations are compulsory and will be given free at the assembly center.

FLASHLIGHTS: It has been definitely reported to this office that there will be no flashlights in the assembly center.

REGISTRATION: All Niseis are urged to have their fathers who are between the ages of 45 and 65 to register for the next draft. It is your duty to see that Isseis do not fail in this military order. Registration takes place Saturday through Monday.

STORAGE AND INSURANCE: The Federal Government does not make provisions for certain items in connection with the storing of Household Goods and personal effects of evacuees.

FIRE INSURANCE - CONTENTS RATE - $.58 per $100 of valuation. Policy will be written at the Oregon Transfer office as goods are received and checked.

Additional Services: Wrapping Davenports (including napthalene) $1.50 each -- Wrappig Chairs (including napthalene) $1.00 -- Wrapping Rugs (Tar Paper or Kraft Paper) $.75 -- Wrapping Mattresses Kraft Paper -- $.75.

Please indicate by written notification to the JACL office as to whether you wish this service, giving details as to the kind of furniture, number of pieces, and other details. Also, indicate the amount of insurance desired.

The cost of the above is payable at the assembly center.

CIVIL SERVICE WORKERS: Those civil service workers who have been discharged please contact this office immediately.

CAR STORAGE: Passenger cars and trucks. Pacific Storage and Delivery Co. will store your car for $2.50 a month and $30.00 a year. Pacific Storage and Delivery Co., 1605 SE Water, East 8332.

POST OFFICE ADDRESS: All mail that passes through the hands of Kermit Wilson, Bennet Chapel, Route 3 Box 1226, Portland, Oregon, may be subject to censor in order to clear Mr. Wilson.

ABSENTEE VOTING: We can not stress too strongly that those individuals who are registered voters should write to their respective County Clerks for absentee ballots. This should be done immediately.

TRANSPORTATION: Those individuals who do not have their own transportation may get help along this line by contacting Mrs. Davis of the Social Security Agency or the WCCA, 317 SW 8th Ave. This transportation is provided by the Japanese Evacuation Committee of the Portland Council of Churches. In as much as the number of cars are limited, those are limited, those who are able to make other arrangements should do so.

REGISTRATION OF FAMILIES: At present there are still several hundred people who have not yet registered with the Social Security Agency in the WCCA center, 317 SW 8th Ave. This should be done as soon as possible in order that the agency help those individuals with any problems of health, welfare, or property.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS FOR DRAFTEES: Arrangements are now being made for those individuals who must report a change of address to the local boards. This will probably be done after we are in the assembly center. More details will be given later.