Title: Editorial: "A Happy Milestone," Bainbridge Island Review, 7/22/1943, (denshopd-i68-00098)
Densho ID: denshopd-i68-00098


The Review notes with genuine satisfaction another milestone in its fight for fair treatment of loyal Bainbridge Island Japanese-American citizens. We refer to the Senate military affairs committee report.

The report urged that disloyal Japanese residents of this nation, after "screening" by the F.B.I. and the military, be placed in internment camps; that loyal, able-bodied subjects be permitted to work under supervision in areas where they will be accepted, and that the draft be applied to Japanese-Americans as it is to other citizens.

That is exactly what we've been saying since long before they evacuated our Island Japanese. It is most pleasing to note that the committee agrees with our thought that the present War Relocation Authority centers are but fertile fields for the disloyal and a deep insult to the loyal.

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