Title: "J.A.C.L. Petitions For Aliens Here," Bainbridge Island Review, 2/26/1942, (denshopd-i68-00008)
Densho ID: denshopd-i68-00008

J.A.C.L. Petitions For Aliens Here

Fearful that the President's proclamation ousting persons from certain defense areas may affect Japanese alien residents of the Island, the Island chapter of the Japanese-American Citizens' League this week petitioned federal officials for the aliens' retention here as an aid to the nation's agricultural program.

Copies of the petition were sent to the Secretary of War, Secretary of Agriculture, Pacific Coast Army leaders, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, other federal agencies, to some national magazines and to the press.

They said 750 acres were in production here by 1,890 persons during harvest season.

The petition:

"We, the Japanese-American Citizens' League of Bainbridge Island, having the best interest of the country in mind and completely willing to comply to government orders regarding proposed evacuation, feel that we can do more for the country by our presence here by following the following plans:

"1. Continued planting and harvesting of crops as usual under protective custody.

"2. The Japanese-American citizens' League will be responsible for all Japanese aliens living on this Island, and will cooperate fully with the authorities who are appointed to execute this plan.

"3. Due to the fact the country is short of agricultural workers and products we are willing to raise any crop that the government can recommend to us.

"4. We will comply with any other restrictions the government may wish to impose.

"5. We will cooperate with all government travel regulations.

"6. This being an Island the above plan would be easy to carry out.

"Furthermore, our good intentions can be ascertained by the fact that we have purchased land and built permanent residences here--our proof of making this our home. Also many of us are serving in the United States Armed Forces."