Title: Memo: "Japanese Problem in Hawaii", (denshopd-i67-00064)
Densho ID: denshopd-i67-00064

October 21, 1942


Subject: Japanese Problem in Hawaii.

1. In general the War Department has followed exactly the recommendations of the Commanding General, Hawaiian Department as to steps necessary to deal with the Japanese problem in Hawaii. The reasons for this are: First, the Military Commander on the ground is best able to judge the seriousness of the situation. Second, the Military Governor has responsibilities which cover all phases of the life of the Islands--both military and civilian.

2. Specifically, the Commanding General, Hawaiian Department, has the following powers all of which he is exercising:

(a) Actively dangerous American citizens are interned in Hawaii to avoid any possibilities of release on the mainland because of writ of habeas corpus proceedings (Military government).

(b) Actively dangerous enemy aliens are returned to the mainland for internment (Presidential decree).

(c) Potentially dangerous citizens and aliens alike are being returned to the mainland in family groups for settlement in relocation centers (Presidential decree).

(d) The only limitation on the powers of the Commanding General is in (c) above under which he has no authority to return more than 15,000. However, he has indicated no desire to return even that many.

Major, G.S.C.,
Chief, Central Pacific Section, OPD.