Title: Letter from Tokie Slocum, (denshopd-i67-00041)
Densho ID: denshopd-i67-00041

#24-9-4 Manzanar, Calif.

August 10, 1942.

Dear Major Riorand:

I have been in this camp for over three months, Sir, but I am still carrying on for our Uncle Sam. I often think of you and wonder why you don't come to see us or bring us some champaign [champagne] or cignarettes [cigarettes].?? Hee Haw!

Anyway Major, if there were any doubts as to why the military authority put us Japanese into these camps, you saw plenty reasons why we blong [belong] here. Last Sat. evening, the Kebeis [Kibeis] egged on by pro-Japan Issies [Isseis] put on one of the most vicious, seditious, riotous Pro-Jap demonstration any where at anytime! It was a riotous bedlam and vocifouous [vociferous] Jap Pandamonium [Pandemonium]! Shouting, hollaring [hollering], stumping of feet and insulting remarks could be heard for blocks.

ENCLOSED COPY OF THE REPORT OF THAT MEETING IS HERE WITH ATTACHED FOR YOUR PERUSAL. I SENT COPY TO FBI ALSO. I have warned them long ago that this was brewing. And compatibel [compatible] with the trend of the war with those Japs temporarily having the upper hands over the allies, these Kebeis [Kibeis] and Pro-Jap Isseis are boldly and brazenly showing their fangs. I have been leading the Pro-Democracy and 100% block in this camp for America. I have received innumerable threats, intimidations and redicules [ridicules]. But we are carrying on! Many pro-Americans want protections for their life and limbs. Many others are in the same fix as I am. I admire them. Right or wrong, we are for America and WE KNOW SHE WILL WIN!

You have an M.P. post here and they seem to be fine fellows. Some time you may come this way for Trout fishing or sumpthin. If you do, drop in for chow and chat.

Please try to get these underisrable [undesirable] and seditious group out of here as soon as possible so this camp will be a better place for all innocent parties.

Yours truly

/s/ Tokie Slocum
Ex. Sgt. Major U.S. Army