Title: Tulean Dispatch, Vol. III No. 79, 10/17/1942, (denshopd-i65-00077)
Densho ID: denshopd-i65-00077

Tulean Dispatch
Vol. III No. 79
October 17, 1942

Sanitary Condition Here Favorable, Engineer Says

Notes to Japan Taken According to Blocks

Hunter Dies in Project Hospital

Repatriation at #1608-C

Volunteers Needed to Pick Up Silver

To Form Kagawa Co-op Study Group

Dancers to Aid Kiddies

Singfest Sunday

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Rec. Notes

Klondikes Meet Ward 7 All-Stars

Shirrell to Talk to Young Buddhists

Isleton-Hawaiians Clash Sunday


Church Services

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Nuthouse Gang to Tour City Sunday for Preview


Card of Thanks

Records Office Needs 10 Typists

Nursery Tots to Get Warm Cocoa

Toshio Sonoda Pleads Guilty


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Japanese Language Section

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Re: Theatre Building: Arguments For and Against Construction Given Preliminary to Referendum Voting