Title: Tulean Dispatch, Vol. III No. 32, 8/22/1942, (denshopd-i65-00028)
Densho ID: denshopd-i65-00028

Tulean Dispatch
Vol. III No. 32
August 22, 1942

Gala Musical Show Slated for Tonight

An all-musical show, including vocal and instrumental selections as well as tap and acrobatic dancing, will be presented tonight at the outdoor stage from 7:30 p.m. Harry Mayeda will emcee.

The complete program is as follows:

1. Star-Spangled Banner, Drill team -- Jack Yokota

2. "Anchors Aweigh" -- Tap solo and chorus (13 girls)

3. Violin Duet, "Stardust" -- William Osuga, Yuichi Takahashi

4. Clarinet Trio -- "Sleepy Lagoon"

5. "An Apple for the Teacher" -- Tap Solo and chorus

6. Accordion Band -- "Give Me One Dozen Roses"

7. Vocal Solo -- "I dream of Jeanie, with the Light Brown Hair" -- Tetsuo Ito

8. Piano Solo -- "Nola"

9. Acrobatic Dance

10. "Practice Makes Perfect" -- Tap Routine

11. Men's Chorus

12. Ballet Blues -- "California Lullaby"

13. Vocal Solo -- "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life"

14. Tap Routine

15. Acrobatic Solo

16. Violin Solo -- "Der Shen Der Heide"

17. Vocal Solo -- "Will You Remember" -- Lois Kitazumi

18. Odori -- Solo and chorus

19. Piano Solo -- "Malaguena" -- Haruko Satow

20. Finale -- La Fiesta
a. Chorus -- "Siboney" (accom. by Joe Fujioka, Taketa and Miki Tanaka)
b. Adagio -- "Estrellita" (accom. by Kay Nakamura and Tak Ota)
c. Chorus -- "Perfidia" (accom. by Joe Fujioka, Tak Ota and Miki Tanaka)
d. Spanish Routine -- "Down Argentine Way" (accom. by Joe Fujioka, Tak Ota, and Miki Tanaka)
e. Vocal Solo -- "God Bless America" -- Irving Berlin, Fumiko Yabe.

Butcher Shop to Open at 336

A butcher shop is expected to open Monday at #336, according to Luther Stults, chief, dining management. The shop will assume the duties of providing the mess halls with butchered meat.

Twenty five butchers will be employed. Anyone with previous experience is asked to contact Stults at the administration building.

Cash Advances Being Paid Project Worker

Funds for payment of salaries to colonists were received on Aug. 14, and cash advances for the month of June have been made to the following divisions as of Aug. 21.

Public Works Division (including construction and maintenance)

War Works Division (farm)

Transportation and Supply (except dining management)

Employment and Housing Division

Community Enterprises

Community Service Division will be paid Sunday from 2 to 3:30 p.m. The Dining Management will be paid off as soon as possible thereafter which will be within the next few days.

Approximately 25% of the enlistees in the above divisions did not report to the designated place to be paid. This fact has materially delayed the completion of payments as additional funds for the next payroll cannot be secured until the previous one has been completed. All enlistees are requested to appear at the time de- (Page 4, Col. 1, Please)

June Cash Advances

PLACE: Bldg. #717
DIVISION: Community services-hospital, recreation, fire department, wardens, social welfare.
WHEN: Sunday, Aug. 23.
TIME: 2 to 3:30 p.m.
Bring payroll identification tag to expedite payment.

Dan Cupid to Stand Trial Monday Night

Dan Cupid will stand trial next Monday night before an open court when the question of "Should Marriage Be Encouraged in the Project? will be discussed by eight speakers.

Dave Okada will act as moderator. After the speakers have finished, the question will be thrown open to the public.

The panel will consist of Harold S. Jacoby, Rev. S. Tanabe, Dr. Jiro Muramoto, Mr. Mitoma, Mrs. Murayama, Howard Imazeki, James Sakoda, and Helen Nakagawa.

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Dvorak on Music Hour Sunday

Program of recorded classical music for this Sunday, Aug. 23 from 8:45 p.m. at #1120 is as follows:

1. "My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice" from Samson and Delilah" by Saint-Saens. Sung by Sigrid Onegin, contralto.

2. "O Paradiso" from "L'Africaine" by Meyerbeer. Sung by Jussi Bjoerling, tenor.

3. Symphony No. 5 in E Minor (from The New World) by Dvorak. Played by Leopold Stokowski and Philadelphia Orchestra.

The music hour is under the direction of Michiko Miyamoto.

Christian Y.F. Forges Ahead

The Christian Y.F. membership registration drive is moving along at an encouraging pace in the city. 37 lieutenants have been appointed by Ward captains: Roy Kurahara Ward #2, Wesley Sasaki Ward #4, Pam Yoshikawa, Ward #5 and Waichi Oyanagi Ward #6.

College-Age Christians are urged to rally to the drive by registering immediately. Next week, Wards #1, #3 and #7 will move forward in the citywide campaign.

The Saint Paul Episcopal Church group of Kent, Washington will present the Youth Fellowship program this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Reverend Daisuke Kitagawa was their former advisor.

Church Services: Christian Buddhist Services for Sunday Announced

Tule Lake Union Christian Church. Japanese Sunday Services:

"INOCHI YORYMO TOTOSHI" (Dearer Than Life) Rev. Isamu Nakamura, #1308.

"GAKKYO NO ONCHO" (A Grace in Adversity) Rev. Yonosuke Sasaki, #2508.

"SHIN NO KOFUKU" (A True Happiness) Rev. K. Igarashi, #3208.

"OROKANARU MONO" (He that is Foolish) Mr. Hisashi Sano, #7008.

"FUSHIGI NARU CHIKARA" (A Mysterious Power) Adjutant Ichiji Matsushima, #4708.

"IKOI NO MIGIWA" (Beside The Still Waters) Rev. Isaac Inouye, #6908.

"KIRISTO NO JITSUZAI" (Reality of Christ) Rev. Seiichi Niwa, #5908.

The topics of the Sunday Buddhist services are as follows:

"Who Found the Truth?" Rev. S. Naito, #1108.

"Endless Light", Rev. A.K. Iwao, #1408.

"Life and Light", Rev. S. Nagatani, #2208.

"Human Life and Buddhism", Rev. T. Shibata, #3008.

"The Road to Nirvana", Rev. S. Sasaki, #4408.

"Endless Life", Rev. E. Iwao, #5708.

"Faith Through Buddhism", Rev. G. Hirabayashi, #7008.

Tempo Money to be Refunded

TEMPO subscription of full 15 cents will be refunded at THE DISPATCH office through Eugene Okada. It will be impossible to cover the subscribers personally.

Bussei to Hold Panel Discussion

Busseis will congregate at hall #2520 tomorrow night for their evening service. In charge of this service will be Tets Nakamura, while the Rev. S. Naito will deliver the gohowa. Gathas will be sung by the Sacramento girls' choir.

Immediately following the service, a panel discussion will be had with George Hori in charge and John Fukuyama and Kiyoshi Yamashita as speakers. "Americanized Buddhism" will be discussed.

The evening will be brought to a close with entertainments in charge of Salem Yagawa. Community singing will be had.

'He Giveth Grace Unto the Lowly'

10:00 a.m. (ages 19-50) ... #2508, #4708

9:00 a.m. Beginners and Primaries
Ward 1 ..... #1417
Ward 2 ..... #2917
Ward 3 ..... #3217
Ward 4 ..... #1117
Ward 5 ..... #4415
Ward 6 ..... #4915
Ward 7 ..... #6908
Ward 8 ..... #5808

9:00 a.m. Intermediates ... #1908, #5108, #5908, #6806

9:00 a.m. Juniors ..... #1308, #6808, #4808, #5908

9:00 a.m. Seniors ..... #2008, #4608

9:00 a.m. College of Life ..... #2408

7:30 p.m. High School Fellowship ..... #1308

7:30 p.m. Young Ad. Fellowship ..... #1308

7:30 p.m. (Wed) Nisei Bible Study ..... #2608

7:30 p.m. Youth Fellowship ..... #2508

"For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work". James 3:13-18

Sunday School 9:00 a.m.
Rev. G. Hirabayashi ..... #1108
Rev. S. Sasaki ..... #1408
Rev. T. Shibata ..... #3008
Rev. S. Naito ..... #4408
Rev. K. Iwao ..... #5708

Adult Service 2:00 p.m.
Rev. S. Naito ..... #1108
Rev. K. Iwao ..... #1408
Rev. S. Nagatani ..... #2208
Rev. T. Shibata ..... #3008
Rev. S. Sasaki ..... #4408

Service 8:00 p.m.
Rev. G. Hirabayashi ..... #7008
Rev. K. Iwao ..... #5708

9:00 a.m. Father V. Whitlow (Maryknoll priest) will celebrate Holy Mass ..... #3608

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Skeleton: Remains Believed to Be Those of Indian

Probability that the age of skeleton which was found under Barrack 5111 may be anywhere from one to ten years old was expressed by Harold S. Jacoby, chief of internal security.

He estimated the height to be about five feet nine inches.

Four teeth in good condition were still embedded in the jawbone.

The number of bones indicated that two skeletons may have been found.

Belief was held that the skeleton may be that of an Indian.

They will be reconstructed to determine sex, age, and for other pertinent information. Possibility of any foul play was held unlikely.

However, medical authorities have been called into the case.

Block 51 has already been named "Skeleton Block" and a sign to that effect is tacked on a post.

S.F. Hotel Owners Asked to Register

Operators of hotels and rooming houses in the S.F. defense area and other localities must register before Aug. 31. Registration forms may be obtained at the Legal Aid department at #1608.

Legal rental rates must be posted in each room immediately.

No Mops, Brooms For Awhile Yet

Residents are required to furnish their own soap, brooms, and mops until a new supply arrives, Samuel Friedman, housing superintendent, announced.

Each apartment is to be supplied, but until the requisition is filled by the quartermaster department, they are unavailable. The initial requisition supplied two wards.

New Marketing Head Takes Over

George A. Hudson arrived this week to supervise in the marketing of turnips starting next week. Maximum consumption will be allotted for the Project while the surplus will be sent to other WRA centers.

Hudson will be assisted by Tad Tomita, formerly of Stockton. He not only has handled marketing cooperatives but has been connected with Japanese enterprises.

The Dispatch Guide: The Gay Life

-Vocal Numbers
-Intricate Dances
-Hawaiian Strings

"A two-hour show packed with music and dances."

Outdoor Stage, 7:30 p.m.

SUNDAY, Aug. 23
Classical Music Hour
#1120, 8:45 p.m.

MONDAY, Aug. 24
Community Forum
Outdoor Stage, 7:30 p.m.

MONDAY, Sept. 7
Labor Day Program
Parade, queen contest, athletic events, talent show, open house, baby contest, dance.

Pink Tea by Yuri

...Iku Nishikawa and Sako Iwasaki will celebrate their birthdays together tonight. About 50 guests have been invited to attend a party which will be held in their honor. Games, eats and dancing will constitute the activities of the evening.

...Missoula, Montana on Aug. 18 to join his family here was Masahide Yamashita.

...is Beatrice Salmon, who is here for a week's visit with Margaret Graham, superintendent of nurses at the local hospital. Miss Salmon is obstetrical supervisor of the East Oakland Hospital.

...are now out. Sponsored by the U.C. Club and slated for Friday Aug. 28, the dance is being handled by general chairman Eugene Okada. Sakae Hayashi is managing the decorations, while May Sato is in charge of the bids.

With a college atmosphere prevailing, about 75 couples are expected. Decoration will be carried out in blue and gold.

...will dance tomorrow night at #720. Shig Sakamoto is general chairman for the invitational affair, with a crowd of 200 expected. Chaperones for the evning are the Messrs and Mesdames Kendall Smith, Frank Kawai, Yei Yamauchi, Tak Imura and Sumio Miyamoto.

...of last Thursday was the wiener bake held by members of the Girls' Drill Team and the Marching Band and their guests.

Band music under the stars highlighted the evening.

...of the Big 7 club are sponsoring a dance Wednesday at #2907. The program dance is chairmaned by Roy Nikaido. Rhythm will be furnished by the Royal Hawaiians.

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The employment office requisitions for 100 laborers immediately. Also, 30 women are desired to sort vegetables for packing. Those interested please apply to the Placement office at #1208.

...Judge Mosebar will be at #1608 to notarize ballots tonight and Monday night at 7 p.m.

Ballots will also be notarized by the County clerk Sunday from 11 a.m. at #1608.

...Morning and evening classes in tap, ballet, acrobatic and odori will open on Monday, Aug. 24.

Registration is being taken at #1908 by Aiko Hirota, secretary.

Evening schedule of classes for the benefit of workers and adults is as follows:
Ballet -- Mon. Thurs. Fri.
Tap -- Monday and Thursday.
Acrobatic -- Mon. and Thurs.
Rumba and Tango -- Fri.

The morning classes are from 9 a.m., while evening groups will meet from 7-9 p.m.

...From Aug. 20, Mr. Igami with two projectors is showing a 16 mm. new film at various mess halls for children.

Cash Advances (Cont.)

-signated in the future.

Delays in making cash advances are caused when enlistees fail to bring their identification tags. Delays have also been caused by individuals who endeavor to engage in discussions regarding time worked. Questions regarding amounts received or time worked should not be discussed with the Agent Cashier but should be taken up with the timekeeping department and necessary adjustments will be made on a supplemental payroll.

Softball: Final League Game

Final American and National League softball games will be played this week-end with the leaders in both divisions practically a cinch to win the title.

Yogores, National pace-setter, will tackle the Hospital ten on Saturday and Salem Senators, American League leader, is scheduled to play Commerce Sunday evening.

A win in either case will mean undisputed first place and a undefeated season, while a loss could possibly mean a tie for the title. But a chance for either team getting defeated is slim.

SATURDAY, August 22
Pee Wee vs. Bachelors 7
Arbongans vs. D. Shuffle 3
All-Stars vs. Zoots 11
Oregonian vs. Wolves 13
Yogores vs. Hospital 5

SUNDAY, August 23 (Final)
Isleton vs. Monte Carlo 11
Pick-Ups vs. S. Plugs 1
Bears vs. 49'ers 7
Commerce vs. Salem 3
Pensioneer vs. Scrubs 5
Violets vs. 1400 13

Sac'tos Meet Rooks Sunday

First place West Sacramento AC will face the strong Intermountain Rooks in the 3 p.m. feature game at diamond No. 1.

In the 12:45 fracas the improving Violets will tackle Placer while Riverside will be favored over the Oregonians.

Second spot Bellevues meet Marysville tomorrow afternoon at the new diamond situated in the west end of the city.

Sunday, August 23
White River vs. Busseis
Auburn vs. Florin

Saturday, August 22
Red Lions vs. White River

First Play-off Games Monday for Girls Title

Deltan Peps, Western League champions, and the Small Frys, Tri-State titlists, will meet Monday, August 24, in the first of the best two out of three games for the girls' all-city championship.

The Peps, like the Frys, went through all opposition to remain undefeated and won their season finale Tuesday from the Fighting Teens 10 to 3. Other results were: Rookies 15, Furies 6; Tulean Sockets and the Hit & Run won by forfeit over the Starlettes and Tangerines respectively.

Second play-off contest will be played on Wednesday and the third on Friday, August 29 if necessary.

All games will take place on field 6 and game time is set for 7 p.m.

Isleton Screwballs 7; 1
Beavers 6; 2
Tulean Shrimps 5; 3
Jinx 3; 5
Tulean Ten Pins 2; 6
Go-Getters 2; 6
Hospital 2; 6
Skawas 0; 8

DELTANS 8(W); 0(L)
Hit & Run 7; 1
Sockets 6; 2
Fighting Teens* 4; 3
Marysville Rookie 4; 3
Furies 3; 5
Starlettes 1; 6
Fighting Recs 1; 7
Tangerines 0; 7