Title: Tulean Dispatch, Vol. 5 No. 43, 5/10/1943, (denshopd-i65-00223)
Densho ID: denshopd-i65-00223

Tulean Dispatch
Vol. 5 No. 43
May 10, 1943

Resettlers Scored Who Leave Jobs on Outside Too Soon

Notary Public

Minimum Wage Scale Set for Sugar Beet Workers

Project Evacuee Workers to be Reduced

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Gifted Tulean: A Man With a Winning Hand is Oliver K. Noji

Lost and Found

Second Round in Bridge Tourney

Roving Reporter: Advantages of Married Life, Bachelorhood Given

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'Orphans of the North' Begins Mon.

Outside Employment Offers Listed

English Class for Issei Men

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Drawing, Painting Classes Begin

At Placement

Thank You

Post Office


Judo-Classes Meet Three Times Weekly

Fountain Pen Lost

On Furlough