Title: "Martial Law Reported for Tule Japs," Seattle Times, 11/14/1943, (ddr-densho-56-981)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-981



By United Press.

TULELAKE, Calif., Nov. 13. -- War Relocation Authority employes said tonight Col. Verne Austin declared martial law within the Tule Lake Japanese segregation center from 7 p.m. today to 10 a.m. tomorrow after a report demonstration by approximately 1,000 internees.

Authoritative reports from within the center said a column of Japanese, wearing head bands decorated with a rising-sun insignia, paraded in the camp shortly before Colonel Austin was scheduled to address the internees over a loudspeaker system.

Troops on Alert

These reports, from officials who asked that their identities be withheld, said the announcement of martial law was made in mid-afternoon. It was understood reliably that the troops under Colonel Austin's command had been placed on the alert, with all leaves canceled.

The demonstration was understood to have been in the nature of a protest against Colonel Austin's scheduled address.

The Japanese had remained in their quarters, emerging shortly before 2 p.m. -- the time of the speech -- to parade in their area, W.R.A. employes said.

Colonel Austin, W.R.A. employes said, gave the Japanese instructions on how they were to obtain and use fuel and food.

Steward Resigns

Meantime, Ralph Peck, associate W.R.A. steward at the center, announced that he had resigned his job. The Japanese originally had demanded Peck's discharge at the first major demonstration Monday, November 1.

There was no indication whether the reported declaration of martial law was intended only for tonight and tomorrow, or whether it would be ordered on a semi-permanent basis.

Newspaper men were barred from the center at the time of Colonel Austin's speech, and events reported by W.R.A. employes could not be confirmed officially by Army authorities.