Title: "Chinese to be Moved From Japanese Camp," Seattle Times, 7/10/1943, (ddr-densho-56-948)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-948

Chinese to be Moved From Japanese Camp

SAN FRANCISCO, July 10.--(AP)--Federal immigration authorities decided on a simple solution to the problem of friction between Japanese and Chinese internees at the Sharp Park detention camp.

The Chinese will be transferred to other quarters.

Irving F. Wixon, district director of immigration, said yesterday the 47 Chinese seamen who demonstrated at the camp last Wednesday will be removed from the Alameda County jail as quickly as possible.

"I hope to make arrangements to place them in different quarters within a very few days," he said. "They will not be returned to Sharp Park."

The Chinese, all seamen who have deserted their ships here, and 172 Japanese internees engaged in a verbal tussle Wednesday when the Chinese raised their flag and demanded to be allowed to go into San Francisco to witness Chinatown's observance of the sixth anniversary of China's war with Japan.

Wixon said the Chinese were jailed to avert violence at all camp, ten miles south of here.