Title: "Interned Japs Peril Water -- L.A. Mayor Fears," Seattle Times, 6/16/1943, (ddr-densho-56-933)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-933

--L.A. Mayor Fears

LOS ANGELES, June 16.--(AP)--Mayor Fletcher Bowron says he sees a possible hazard in the proximity of Manzanar Japanese relocation center to the Owens Valley water source for this city of more than 1,500,000.

"While nothing to endanger the water supply has been reported, there is nevertheless that possibility," Bowron testified yesterday before the Dies congressional subcommittee.

"We feel the Japanese have outworn their welcome," Bowron added.

The mayor said he was told when the Manzanar center was established that it would be only a temporary installation.

Bowron also told the subcommittee he had asked the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate the release from Manzanar of a Japanese woman to make a lecture tour. She had "sought to establish a friendly feeling, if not actual sympathy, for the Japanese military class," the mayor declared.