Title: "W. R. A. Submits Jap Labor Plan," Seattle Times, 9/1/1942, (ddr-densho-56-840)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-840


WASHINGTON, Sept. 1.--(AP)--The War Relocation Authority today announced a new plan designed to induce Japanese evacuees to work harvesting sugar beets and other crops in inter-mountain and plains states.

Specific offers by farmers for acceptance becoming a binding agreement subject to termination by either party on five days' notice is the principal innovation of the plan.

Farmers submit to the United States Employment Service forms stating the type of work, its probable duration, wages to be paid and housing facilities offered.

The offer forms are to be forwarded to the W.R.A. for submission to Japanese at assembly centers and relocation communities.

Some 1,500 evacuees from the Pacific Coast military area now work in sugar-beet fields of Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Montana.

Dillon S. Myer, W.R.A. director, said he expected the new specific offer plan to "speed up recruitment for vital harvest work."

Other conditions governing recruitment of evacuees for farm work remain in effect. State governors and local police must give assurance that law and order will be maintained; transportation and housing are furnished by the employer; and prevailing wages are paid.