Title: "Last of City's Japs Move Out," Seattle Times, 5/14/1942, (ddr-densho-56-792)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-792


Seattle's last group of Japanese -- those living in the North End east of Roosevelt Way and those in the First Hill District bounded by Fifth and 15th Avenues, and Madison Street and Yesler Way -- began moving out this forenoon to the assembly center at Puyallup.

About a third of the remaining Japanese left today, others being scheduled for evacuation tomorrow and Saturday. Departure of the last group Saturday will mean that for the first time no person of Japanese ancestry can be within the city limits.

By noon of next Thursday, 77,500 Japanese will have been moved out of Pacific Coast military areas, the Wartime Civil Control Administration estimates, according to the Associated Press. Of these, 50,000 already are at assembly and reception centers, and there will be only 30,000 more to go, none of them from Seattle.

Evacuations under way today included 11 counties in California and Oregon and the cities of Sacramento and Stockton, Calif. In 15 other counties of Washington and California, including the entire city of Fresno Calif., Japanese were being registered.

The first Japanese evacuees from Tacoma will leave Sunday for Pinedale, Calif., with the second and final groups departing Monday.

The Army today issued evacuation orders for an additional 3,250 Japanese in California and Oregon, bringing to 81,000 the number so far ordered into assembly or reception centers. Instructions were issued yesterday for moving 2,550 in San Joaquin County, Calif.