Title: "Japanese Group Pledges Total Evacuation Aid," Seattle Times, 4/19/1942, (ddr-densho-56-760)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-760


League Praises Treatment Given Persons Removed to Interior; Meeting Observes Curfew Rule

Full and willing cooperation with the government in all evacuation steps was pledged last night by 100 members of the Japanese-American Citizens League of Seattle in a session, which may be their last prior in removal to the interior.

Appreciation of the "extraordinary measures" taken to safeguard safety and economic welfare of evacuated persons also was expressed in the resolution which was introduced by James Y. Sakamoto, editor of the Japanese-American Courier, and adopted unanimously. The session was held at 517 Main Street.

Clarence Arai, attorney, presided. Discussions were ended early to enable all members to be in their homes not later than 8 o'clock, the curfew time set by military authorities.

The text of the resolution:

"Whereas, the military authorities of the United States have decreed that all persons of Japanese descent must be removed from certain zones designated as military areas, and whereas such steps have been taken as a matter of strategic necessity to the safety and defense of the United States:

"And whereas, no sacrifice is too great in realizing our avowed objective in prosecuting this war to a successful conclusion, and whereas the government of the United States has taken extraordinary measures under the circumstances to safeguard the comfort, safety and economic welfare of the persons due to be evacuated;

"And whereas, it is the first duty to loyal Americans to obey the orders of their government;

"Therefore be it resolved that the Japanese-American Citizens League of Seattle go on record as indorsing cheerful and willing cooperation by the community with the government agencies in the carrying out of evacuation proceedings, and that individual members of the League set an example of good Americanism by doing everything possible to facilitate the execution of a measure deemed necessary to the victory effort of our nation."