Title: "New Raids Conducted in Seattle Territory," Seattle Times, 3/7/1942, (ddr-densho-56-673)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-673

Round-Up Not as Extensive as First; 250 Already in Custody on Suspicion of Subversive Activities

Renewing a round-up of Japanese aliens believed engaged in subversive activities, agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation today scouted the Seattle area.

Several Japanese were taken into custody this forenoon and taken to the United States Immigration Station at 815 Airport Way. It was believed, however, that the raid was not as extensive as one of several weeks ago, when 104 Japanese aliens were rounded up in one day.

Since the bombing of Pearl Harbor, more than 250 Japanese aliens heve [have] been taken into custory [custody] by Seattle agents of the F.B.I.

(In California the F.B.I. has arrested 87 more Japanese in widespread new raids. See Page 3.)