Title: "Japs Reside Near Vital Plants Here," Seattle Times, 3/5/1942, (ddr-densho-56-665)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-665


Hundreds of alien and American-born Japanese in Seattle are living near strategic defense units, a police survey showed today.

Approximately 7,000 of them live in the central part of the city in a belt between Denny Way and Holgate Street, the survey showed. Others are scattered throughout the rest of the city, except where zoning laws forbid them.

There are Japanese in the neighborhood of every reservoir, bridge and defense project.

The survey, conducted by C.E. Neuser, in charge of the police national-defense detail, occupied 28 policemen five weeks. Each Japanese family in the city was questioned about citizenship, firearms and length of residence in the United States.

Police statistics show the distribution of Japanese as follows.

University District, east of Roosevelt Way, has 298 Japanese.

The area within a radius of five blocks of the Volunteer Park reservoir has 54 Japanese.

Five Near Boeing Field

Harbor Island, center of shipbuilding, has 21 Japanese residents.

Within four blocks of the south border of Fort Lawton are 12 Japanese.

In the ten square blocks north of the government locks in Ballard are 13 Japanese.

In the four square blocks south of Boeing plant No. 2 are 28.

On Beacon Hill, overlooking Boeing Field, are five.

Harbor Avenue Southwest, between West Hanford Street and Bronson Way, has 39 Japanese residents.

Alaskan Way, between Holgate Street and Denny Way, has 28.

The heaviest concentration in the central district is in an area bounded by Yesler Way, Marion Street, 23rd Avenue and Elliott Bay.