Title: "Total Evacuation Of Japanese On Coast Advocated," Seattle Times, 2/13/1942, (ddr-densho-56-621)
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Total Evacuation Of Japanese On Coast Advocated

Solons Recommend Action by Army to Protect Vital Defense Centers

By Associated Press.

WASHINGTON, Friday, Feb. 13.--The Pacific Coast congressional committee today recommended to the government the immediate evacuation of all persons of Japanese lineage and all others, aliens and citizens alike, from strategic areas along the West Coast, if their presence is deemed dangerous or inimical to the defense of the United States.

The committee made up of all senators and representatives from the Coast states and Delegate Dimond of Alaska approved the recommendations of a subcommittee on alien enemies and sabotage, but changed the opening paragraph to apply directly to Japanese. The subcommittee had recommended the removal of all persons suspected of disloyalty without specifically naming Japanese.

The delegation meeting adopted subcommittee's recommendation that the strategic areas be enlarged as expeditiously as possible to encompass all of Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska.

The conference recommended its plan be put into effect by the War Department, removing from the strategic zones all persons except those granted licenses to remain. Such action, it was said, would permit removal of citizens of Japanese origin as well as alien Japanese.

The committee approved the subcommittee's fecommendation [recommendation] that the strategic areas be defined at once to include all military installations, war industries, water and power-plant installations, oil fields, refineries, and transportation and other essential facilities as well as adequate areas adjacent to them.