Title: "Japanese Farms Near Fort Raided," Seattle Times, 2/8/1942, (ddr-densho-56-608)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-608


By United Press.

LOS ANGELES, Saturday, Feb. 7.--F.B.I. agents, assisted by deputies from the sheriff's office, swooped down on half a hundred Japanese-owned farms in the vulnerable Palos Verdes coastal area adjoining Fort MacArthur today, searching for radios, firearms and other contraband.

The raiders made a thorough search of all farms in the region, with particular attention to those situated near the sea and overlooking the vital Santa Catalina Channel.

Second Raid in Week

Today's raid was the second carried out this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A dawn raid Monday on the Japanese fishing colony at Terminal Island resulted in the arrest of some 350 alien Japanese fishermen who were taken to immigration headquarters for probable removal to inland points.

The Palog Verdes section is dotted with small Japanese truck farms, each lying close to the sea and in a position to signal enemy submarines which might be operating off the Coast. The farms also are but a few miles removed from the Los Angeles harbor area and Fort MacArthur at San Pedro.

Ninety per cent of all transpacific and coastwise shipping is visible from the truck farms as it passes through Santa Catalina Channel.

Seizures Undisclosed

The F.B.I. made no announcement as to the number of Japanese taken into custody, or to the amount of contraband found in the houses.

Several Nipponese were seen being taken to the immigration headquarters at San Pedro, presumably for further questioning.

The raids were limited merely to a search for contraband and no "presidential warrants" for the arrest of alien Japanese were carried. Monday's raid was devoted exclusively to the rounding up of alien Japanese.