Title: "Japs Overrun Tacoma," Seattle Times, 4/21/1900, (ddr-densho-56-6)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-6

Going East in Train Loads -- Destination Unknown.

Special Dispatch.

TACOMA, Saturday, April 21. This city has been fairly overrun with Japanese for several days past. Friday evening practically the last company of them, filling three special Northern Pacific coaches, went East. Railroad men say they are off for Montana, where they will work on the new branches which the Northern Pacific will build during the coming summer. An intelligent Japanese, however, says many of them are going into Colorado, where they will be employed in construction work on the Union Pacific. He declared that all of the Japanese that have been passing through the city in the few days last past were going to take the places of Chinese laborers, railroad contractors preferring the ingenuity and muscle of the little brown men to the plodding and cumbrous efforts of the phlegmatic Celestials. Difficult though it might be to prove the fact, indications point to the conclusion that many of these Japanese, if not all of them, come here under contract labor arrangements. The Japanese referred to, when asked if such were not the case, said he was not sure enough on the point to deny it.