Title: "Lew Kay Warns Against Nippon," Seattle Times, 2/12/1938, (ddr-densho-56-481)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-481


Lew Kay, former Chinese consul, warned a joint meeting of the Chamber of Commerce and the Junior Chamber of Commerce yesterday that Japanese success in China would mean the elimination of Americans in the Far East.

"The Japanese profess to be in favor of the open door," Kay said, "but the door will be open only long enough to kick you Americans out, and then it will be closed and the key thrown into the China Sea.

"The militaristic branch of the Japanese government is out of control of the civil authorities. When such incidents as shooting the Britism ambassador or bombing the United States gunboat Panay occur, the civil branch of the government says, 'Excuse it,' while the Japanese militarists laugh in the face of foreign governments.

"We do not expect you to send your sons to China to aid us, but we do in justice expect that you will cease aiding the enemy by exporting scrap iron and other war materials and lending money to the Japanese. Every dollar made in trade with the Japanese will be paid for in the blood of China. Eventually, when the Japanese dreams are realized, it will be paid for in the blood of your children, and in the blood of the democracies of the world."