Title: "Chinese in S.F. Picket Stores Of Nipponese," Seattle Times, 10/17/1937, (ddr-densho-56-476)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-476

Chinese in S.F. Picket Stores Of Nipponese

SAN FRANCISCO, Saturday, Oct. 16. -- (UP) -- Several hundred Chinese, including scores of children, staged a militant boycott demonstration in Chinatown tonight against Japanese stores in the district.

Banners urging "enforce the nine-power treaty" were paraded throughout the length of Grant Avenue, the district's picturesque main thoroughfare, famous the world over because of its pagoda roofs, gaudy signs, and grotesquely designed lanterns of jade, red, orange and purple.

Police Restore Peace

Fifty policemen were sent to restore order. They found streets and alleys packed with picketing Chinese, many of them wearing patriotic badges of their arms.

Traffic was virtually at a standstill. Automobiles of sightseers crawled through at reduced speed.

Police tactfully remonstrated with the ringleaders, calling attention to municipal laws forbidding parades without permits.

Pickets Are Satisfied

Argument and judicious shoving around finally prevailed and order was restored gradually. Chinese boycotters, however, said the demonstration was a success.

"There isn't a single customer in any of the Japanese stores," one of them said.

Chinatown's downtown end of Grant Avenue is lined almost solidly with Japanese stores. Picking in small numbers and distribution of signs urging a boycott of Japanese goods has been in progress in the district for several weeks.