Title: "Six Leading Japanese Golf Pros Arrive Today," Seattle Times, 4/21/1935, (ddr-densho-56-451)
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Steaming into Seattle aboard the steamship Hiye Maru at 7 o'clock this morning will come the first "side" of Japanese golfers to invade this or any other foreign country. They comprise the leading six professionals of Nippon. Their first appearance arranged throughout the country for them against picked P.G.A. teams will be at Inglewood Country Club next Sunday, in a series of single and four-ball matches.

Accompanying the Japanese will be the secretary of the Japan Golf Association, Yutaka Kanuma, who speaks English and will act as interpreter. Meeting the visitors here, as manager of their Pacific Coast tour, will be J.A. Patterson, Southern California P.G.A. official.

The Japanese team is composed of the following:

"Tommy" Miyamoto, 31, Ibaraki, C.C. Osaka.

Toichro Toda, 22, Hirono G.C., Kobe.

S. Chin, 26, Musashino C.C., Tokyo.

"Jack" K. Kusada, 31, Tokyo G.C., Tokyo.

"Bob" B. Asami, 28, Hodogaya C.C., Yokohama

Kanekichi Nakamura, 25, Fujisawa C.C., Tokyo.

"Tommy," "Jack" and "Bob" won their American handles on a visit to this country in 1931, and it is quite likely the other three will win similar nicknames before they return home. Toda, undoubtedly, will get that of "Torchy."

While in Seattle the visitors will be entertained by the Seattle Japanese Gold Association, composed of Japanese business men golfers.

Four years' training following what three of them picked up on their 1931 visit to this country and Tommy's appearance in the British Open, undoubtedly will be found to have done the Nipponese a lot of good. The impression they left four years ago was that they lacked tournament experience, although able to play all the shots.

All six have been title-bearers at home. Miyamoto is present open champion of Japan, Chin is present Eastern Japan champion and Toda is Western Japanese champion. Asami is the heavyweight and longest hitter of the lot.

Toda is the baby of the team, but 22 years old, and is considered the most promising young player in the empire. During 1934 he won three firsts and five seconds and thirds in major Japanese tournaments.

The tour of the Japanese is in the hands of the National P.G.A. tournament committee, which announces that after their several appearances on this Coast they will go into the Middle West, starting at Kansas City on May 16 for several P.G.A. team matches, until it is time to take part in the National Open at Pittsburgh June 6-8. They do not have to qualify for the tournament.

Their disposition in the team matches after the Pittsburgh engagement will depend largely upon what the visitors have revealed as to strength, but their appearance in individual effort has been booked for the new Canadian championship, the General Brock Hotel Open at Niagara Falls, Ont., July 12-14.

The schedule arranged up to yesterday for the Japanese team follows:

April 24 -- Informal matches, Japanese vs. Vancouver, B.C., golfers.

April 25 -- First official mach, Japanese vs. Pacific Northwest P.G.A. team, composed of Al Zimmerman, Walter Pursey, Jimmy Johnson, Ted Longworth, Gordon Richards and Verne Torfin, at Inglewood Club, Seattle.

May 1 -- Japanese vs. Portland P.G.A. members.

May 4-5-6 -- In Northern California section.

May 8-9 -- Japanese vs. Southern California, P.G.A., at Agua Caliente.

May 12 -- Japanese vs. Southern California P.G.A. in Los Angeles.

May 16-17 -- Japanese vs. Midwest Section P.G.A. in Kansas City.

May 18-19 -- Japanese vs. Eastern Missouri P.G.A. in St. Louis.

June 3-5 -- In Pittsburgh for U.S.G.A. Open championship.

July 11-12-13 -- Niagara Falls, Ontario, General Brock Open.