Title: "Japanese Doll Festival Celebrated with Tea," Seattle Times, 3/5/1935, (ddr-densho-56-450)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-450


Old Japan with the doll display of Hina-Matsuri or Jo-Mi, Peach Blossom Day, Festival of Dolls, with brocaded obis of Japanese girls in kimonos, with the tranquility of the tea ceremony came to the home of Mrs. J.J. Connell Sunday afternoon. Fuyo-kai, Japanese women's organization at the University, celebrated dolls' festival with a ceremonial tea.

The day that is every Japanese girl's birthday was first mentioned 900 years ago in the diary of Lady Murasaki, Miss Jean Kurosaka told the guests who had gone down the receiving line of Miss Miyako Sato, president of Fuyo-kai; Mrs. Connell, who has lived twenty-eight years in China and Japan; Miss Betty Holman, present of the University Y.W.C.A.; Miss Lois Delano, president of the Phrateres Federation, and Miss Aileen Willis, Panhellenic president.

"Cha-no-yu," or the traditional tea ceremony by which a guest is given the greatest homage of a Japanese homage, was performed for the guests by Mme. Otani and Miss Molly Fukutani, after "Ike-bana" or flower arrangement and "cha-no-yu" were explained by Mrs. T.S. Matsuda.

Gestures of centuries were performed by Tomiko Arai, accompanied by her grandmother, Mrs. S. Arai, and age-old songs were sung in Japanese by Michi Yasumura, accompanied by Katsuko Nakata.

After the ceremonies of celebration of the day of chivalry and womanliness for Japanese girls, guests of Fuyo-kai were served tea beneath the tiers of dolls loaned by Mrs. Y. Nakashima. From emperor and empress through court ladies, musicians to the peasants of folk tales, the dainty figures sketched Japanese tradition.

Pouring were Mrs. Lee Paul Sieg, Mrs. R. Konno, Miss May Dunn and Mrs. Jesse Steiner.

Glimpsed about the rooms of the Connell home, with their Oriental art treasures, were Miss Mary Bash, assistant dean of women at the University; Mrs. Harry Denton Moore, Mrs. Edward Lauer, Mrs. George Paul, Mrs. Y. Nakashima, Miss Eleanor Stromme, Miss Florence Marriott, president of the Associated Women Students at the University, and Miss Frances Lew.

Under Miss Shuko Yoshihara, chairman, the committee for the tea assisted in serving and included the Misses Molly Fukutani, Toshi Morimizu, Chiye Horiuchi, Mary Mori, Yukiye Kiriyama and Kaley Uyematsu.