Title: "Japanese Labor Must Go," Seattle Times, 3/30/1904, (ddr-densho-56-40)
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Unions of Snohomish County Will Fight Orientals to the End.

The Times Special Service.

EVERETT, Wednesday, March 30. -- If organized labor is unable to oust Japanese laborers from the mill of the Mukilteo Lumber Company by fair means, it is said the unions will introduce methods employed in early days, when Snohomish County was freed of Chinamen.

For some time this company has employed a number of Japanese for the rougher work about the yards, and this action on the company's part has offended the unions to such an extent that conservative members say that by one means or another they will rid Snohomish County of Japanese laborers. One of these members says:

"We are hoping to straighten this matter out in a peaceable manner. We are backed in our determination to get rid of the Japs by every business man in Everett, Mukilteo and Edmonds. We are conducting a quiet campaign, hoping that the mill company will see the thing in its proper light.

"But if it will not we expect to organize every mill man in Mukilteo, as well as all other lines of trade, including the business men themselves. We have received assurances that our efforts will be most acceptable."