Title: "Japs vs. Chinamen," Seattle Times, 1/15/1901, (ddr-densho-56-18)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-18

Japs vs. Chinamen.

The Times Special Service.

VANCOUVER, B.C., Tuesday, Jan. 15. On Sunday night an ex-Japanese soldier named Kato became intoxicated and walked into a Chinese opium joint where half a dozen celestials were quietly "hitting the pipe." The Japanese informed the semi-unconscious Chinamen that one Japanese was equal to ten Chinamen, that the civilized world admitted Japanese as their equal and shut out Chinamen and that Chinese were barbarians. The keeper of the den, the only man that was not fuddled with opium, knocked the Japanese down and told his customers to beat him. While the boss of the joint had him pinned to the floor the opium smokers reluctantly carried out his instructions.

Kato when released went home, got his rifle, buckled his sword around his waist and gathered 100 of his countrymen to attack the opium joint. Three hundred Chinamen gathered and were in the act of rushing the Japanese, while their leader, Kato, had his rifle leveled to fire, when a corps of police rushed in and ended the trouble.