Title: "Picnic Shows There Are Many Japanese," Seattle Times, 5/17/1908, (ddr-densho-56-126)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-126


South Park Residents Wonder Where All of the 2,000 Brown Men Who Met There Sunday Came From.

That there are more Japanese in Seattle and vicinity than is apparent to most people was forcibly illustrated to the citizens of South Park last Sunday, when 2,000 subjects of the Mikado assembled on the Cavanaugh tract in the suburb and held a picnic. A few of the suburban residents are still of the opinion that the Japanese have had some motive in holding the meeting other than mere innocent amusement, but leading Japanese of the city say that the only object of their countrymen was to have a good time, as is the custom in Japan in the spring of each year.

There were all kinds of athletic sports, mainly wrestling and foot racing. Extra cars were placed on the South Park line to carry the crowd of little brown men.