Title: "They Must Be Sanitary," Seattle Times, 1/22/1900, (ddr-densho-56-1)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-56-1


Japanese Ordered to Move Out of a Condemned Building.
Crusade Is On.

Health Officer McKechnie this morning caused complaint to be issued in Judge Cann's court against thirty Japanese who have been occupying rooms in buildings located in the southern portion of the city, commonly known as Black Chapel. These buildings were condemned by the city authorities some time ago, but recently the owners of the property have been renting them to tenants in violation of the city's condemnation order.

The Japanese were given notice to appear in court this morning. Shortly before noon Bailiff Winchell lined them up before Judge Cann, thirty strong. The Japs explained through an interpreter to the court that they had rented rooms in the buildings from the proprietors, thinking that they had a right to do so.

Judge Cann, after hearing the evidence, dismissed the charges against them, but ordered them to vacate the buildings at once. He also instructed the health department to see that the doors and windows of the condemned buildings were nailed up.

This is the first preliminary step of Dr. McKechnie to thoroughly renovate and cleanse the lower portion of the city and free it as far as possible from its unhealthy condition.