Title: Gidra, Vol. I, No. 8 (November 1969), (ddr-densho-297-8)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-297-8

Vol. I, No. 8
November 1969

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Moratorium Day, by Alan Ota

1969 Internal Security Act

Midnight Cowboy: A True Episode, by John

[Page 3]

Political Persecution Laura, by Suzi Wong and Colin Watanabe

UCLA High Potential Program Needs Help, by Kathy Aoki and Yuri Kurahashi

Brother, Where Are You?, by Hat

Pioneer Center Opens in Little Tokyo, by Jim Matsuoka

Free Food!!

[Page 4]

Editorial: Politics of the Dollar


Letters to Gidra

[Page 5]

Necessary but Not Sufficient: Yellow and Proud, by Danny Li

Relevance of Ethnic Studies, by Janice Iwanaga

We Are Americans, by David Otis

[Page 6]

Hues, by Leora Wong

[Page 7]

Little Toyko, by Yuki

[Page 8]

The High Cost of Saving Face the American Way, by Isao Fujimoto

[Page 10]

Nisei: the Traumatuzed American, Mary Tani

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[Page 12]

No Haven, Connecticut

[Page 13]

A Note to Black Nationalists, by Arthur Frazier

[Page 14]

Mellow Yellow: Grades, by R. Wu

Notes on Women's Liberation, by G.L.

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Condensed News

Americans and the Race Issue, translated by Yuji Ichioka

[Page 16]

The Warren Report: the Robin Hood of Amerasia, by Warren Furutani

Calendar of Events