Title: Gidra, Vol. V, No. 7 (July 1973), (ddr-densho-297-51)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-297-51

Vol. V, No. 7
July 1973

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Dear Dad, from Your Sansei Daughter, by Peggy Miyasaki

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Gidra on the Scene

[Page 6]

Gardena, Part One: a Saga of Youth, Drugs and Middle Class Misery, by Steve Tatsukawa

[Page 9]

Them Bad Cats: Past Images of Asian American Street Gangs Part III, by Jeff Furumura, Tom Okabe, and Roy Nakano

While You Were Working, by David Monkawa

[Page 14]

Watergate: Conspiracy & Control

[Page 18]

People's Poems

Experiences Part 2, by Mitchell Matsumura

Brother, speak to me . . ., by Lincoln Chu

To Steve: . . ., by Deni Ishii

Wind Song

Jail for the Yellow Man, by Lane Tonota

L.A. Rag, by Laura Tokunaga

[Page 19]

Youth Fight for Summer Employment

[Page 20]

The New York Asian Movement, by Merilynne Hamano

[Page 23]

What's Happening . . . July 1973