Title: Gidra, Vol. I, No. 5 (August 1969), (ddr-densho-297-5)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-297-5

Vol. I, No. 5
August 1969

[Page 2]

CINCIP Is Here!!

Noguchi Receives Support

The Burden of Life, by James Okazaki

High Potential Program Starts

The Warren Report: 'Don't Call Me Tabo,' by Warren Furitani

[Page 3]

Garden, by Tracy Okida

[Page 4]


Letter: 'Land Grabbers'


[Page 5]

Hey, Look Me Over, by Georgia Lee

[Page 6]

The Chinese in Los Angeles, by David Chan

[Page 7]

From Japan to L.A., by Jim Matsuoka

[Page 8]

The Korean Americans

[Page 9]

The Filipino Immigrant, by Candido Domino

[Page 10]

Directory of Organizations

[Page 11]

Community Organizations

[Page 14]

1969 JAVA Volleyball Schedules

[Page 16]

Mellow Yellow: Join the Movement, by R. Wu

Condensed News

Calendar August

Nisei Week