Title: Gidra, Vol. III, No. 6 (June 1971), (ddr-densho-297-26)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-297-26

Vol. III, No. 5
June 1971

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Greetings from Nguyen Thi Binh, by Nguyen Thi Binh

[Page 4]

I, too, . . ., by Garnet Young Sollenbarger

Within, by anonymous

She's a temptress, who is constantly . . ., Kevin Kondo

I am a child, by Kevin Kondo

[Page 5]

United Third World Peace Demand

[Page 6]

'I hate my wife for her flat yellow face and her fat cucumber legs, but mostly for her lack of elegance and lack of intelligence compared to Judith Gluck,' by Carol Mochizuki

[Page 7]

Notes from a Meeting with the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Women's Union

[Page 10]

Sunday, by Steve Tatsukawa

[Page 12]

Righteous Harmonious Fist, by Carmen Chow

[Page 14]

Mayday at Washington High School

A Mountain Was Moved

News Blackout, by Lloyd Tanaka

[Page 15]

Legal Oppression, by May Chen

Legal Services

[Page 16]

Letters to Gidra

[Page 17]

Cold Draft: Hardship Deferment

[Page 18]

S.B.A.I. Center

Asian Job Search

Community Information Services Day