Title: Gidra, Vol. II, No. 6 (June/July 1970), (ddr-densho-297-15)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-297-15

Vol. II, No. 6
June/July 1970

[Page 2]

In the Community, by Julia Yoshinaga

Asians United, by Moon Eng

Alex Hing at UCLA

Racism in Long Beach, by Mickey Nozawa

[Page 3]

The First Step - Perhaps, by Bruce Iwasaki

A Big Bite, by Alan Ota

Only the Beginning, by Charles Wong and Colin Watanabe

[Page 4]

The Nature of G.I. Racism, by Norman N. Nakamura

[Page 5]

Third World - CSCLB

Brown University

[Page 7]

Quotes from the Asian War

[Page 10]

JACL and the U.S. - Japan Security Pact, by Yuji Ichioka

[Page 11]

'On the warming afternoon . . .,' by Bruce Iwasaki

'The hand that rules . . .,' by Natsue

'The old / Japanese lady . . .,' by Ron Tanake

[Page 13]

A Place Along the Road, by Mickey Nozawa

[Page 14]

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, Bobby

[Page 18]

You Don't Have to Go!, Ken Akashi

Asian Uni-Camp

[Page 19]

The Warren Report: 'You What?,' by Warren Furutani

Mellow Yellow: Telling It Like It Is, by Robert Wu

To Love We Must Survive

[Page 20]

'Everybody Knows this Is Nowhere,' by Dale Minami and Boalt Hall

San Diego State


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Student Aid



[Page 23]

Asian American Community College