Title: Gidra, Vol. II, No. 4 (April 1970), (ddr-densho-297-13)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-297-13

Vol. II, No. 4
April 1970

[Page 2]

ARM and Order, by Alan Ota and Carol Hatanaka

Amerasian Pancakes

Red Tape or Racism: Strange Case of Mr. Ching, by Colin Watanabe

[Page 3]

Asians for Peace, by Henry Hayase

JACS Promotes All

JACP Writes Book

Peace, or Else, by Yuji Ichioka

Rummage Sale

[Page 4]


Letters to Gidra

Gidra Banned from UCLA

[Page 5]

A 'Student Ghetto' Explodes: Revolution at Isla Vista, by Jim Mars

'People, Can You Hear Me?', by Kouji Nakata

Environmental Crisis, by Ellen Higa

Community Day Dream, by Tracy Okida

[Page 6]

Diary, by Glenn Hayashi

A State of Mind, by Juzu T. Jifu

'Who am i?,' by Hashi

'Drive it on in . . .,' by Carol

The Red Book, by Mao Tse-tung

'And when spring comes once again, I will be free.,' by Lloyd Kajikawa

''America . . .,'' by Ronni Ohata

'Take hands . . .,' by Becky Asato

[Page 7]

Changes, by Jo

[Page 8]

Love It or Leave It

Long Beach Asian Studies, by Jay Shaheen

[Page 9]

The Gidra Story

[Page 16]

R.F. Shrimpo

[Page 18]

Yellow Brotherhood, by Seigo Hayashi

[Page 19]

An Analysis of and Alternatives to Nixon's Welfare Proposals

[Page 22]

Indian Brothers

Your Friend the Fuzz, by Arthur Hoppe

[Page 23]

Legal Self Defense, by Asian Sisters

[Page 24]

Four Changes

[Page 25]

East Coast Asians

Chicago Liberation Chapter

To Yin from Yang

[Page 26]

Asian Americans in Law

First Los Angeles Showing: The East Is Red

[Page 28]

Mellow Yellow: High School Conference, by R. Wu

More News

High School Conference, by Craig Shimabukuro

[Page 29]

School of Psychology

[Page 30]

Analysis of AAA

Condensed News

[Page 31]

AION Finally Arrives, by Vivian and Carol

Amerasian Power

[Page 32]

The Warren Report: Movement Critique, by Warren Furutani


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