Title: Gidra, Vol. II, No. 2 (February 1970), (ddr-densho-297-11)
Densho ID: ddr-densho-297-11

Vol. II, No. 2
February 1970

[Page 2]

Asians March for Peace, by Mike Murase

Community Day at U.C.L.A., by Kay Funakoshi

Cal State LA Asian Studies Class, by Hat and Vivian


News Briefs

[Page 3]

'A drop of water by . . ., by 564802327

'I know an old man . . ., by Nick Shiroma

'Is Long Beach really long: . . ., by Glenn Hayashi

Little (makes for better meter), by a pack rat

[Page 4]

Editorial: Commitment

Letters to Gidra

Ford Foundation

[Page 5]

The March: Text of Speech by Warren Furutani

[Page 8]

A Commentary: the Asian American March, by Alan Ota

[Page 9]

'White Male Qualities!' Oriental Males Reply

From Another Asian Female

[Page 10]

The Umbrella

UCLA News Briefs

[Page 11]

Mellow Yellow: New Year Traditions, by R. Wu

Gong Hay Fot Choy!

[Page 12]

The Warren Report: '#@!!&#*,' by Warren Furutani

Hard Core

Calendar for February